Sudoku Falsity Is "Evil," Ruined Routine Of Senior

Letter To The Editor
It is with shattered confidence that I pick up this pen to write today. I would be filling in the numbers 1-9 on a reasonably-challenging Sudoku at the moment, but the so-called "easy" puzzle from Sept 25 was anything but reasonable.

Please allow me to explain the role of an easy Sudoku in the life of this particular UD student: I wake up in the morning and make my way to class. Once in class and focused I am repeatedly reminded by most every chemical engineering-related concept that I, in fact, know nothing about chemical engineering. At some point in my days of disillusionment, I seek out the Flyer News, where things make sense. When the inner workings of a plate and frame heat exchanger leave me bruised, I can always count on a doable Sudoku to lift me back up.

But(!) on Sept 25 (!) I spent over 20 minutes on the "easy" Sudoku ... and I didn't even finish. The puzzle was clearly an "evil" that had been mismarked or printed incorrectly with numbers out of place. Please don't let this happen again. My self-esteem hangs in the balance.

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