Sudoku Derivations

Suggested derivations of the name Sudoku:
  • Sudokujoku
    A joke about sudoku or the people addicted to solving them (Neil Campbell)
  • Sudokuitis
  • The state of being a sudoku addict (Neil Campbell)
  • Sudokuict
  • A person suffering from sudokuitis (Neil Campbell)
  • Sudokujitsu
  • A formal fighting sport played between two sudokuicts over sudoku strategy (Neil Campbell)
  • Okidoku
  • A well-constructed sudoku puzzle (Roy McCoy)
  • Sudocutie
  • An attractive woman who does sudoku (Roy McCoy)
  • Sudocute
  • As handsome as a very difficult sudoku (Jean Smits)
  • SudoquĂ©
  • Popular French variation (Roy McCoy)
  • Sudofed
  • The cough remedy of choice for sudokuicts (Gaby Vanhegan) Pseudoku Pretentious, not a real Sudoku. Also, the act of pretending to be Robert Woodhead. (Max Beran) 
  • Sudorku
  • Someone who has memorised how many puzzle combinations there are (Max Beran) Sudoqueue The English are renowned for being good at this variation (Max Beran) 
  • Sudokool
  • Someone who gains popularity by being good at Sudoku puzzles (Michael Zener Riggs Gottlieb) 
  • Sudocookie
  • To eat while solving puzzles (Jean Smits) Sudocoolie Unskilled sudoku player (Jean Smits) 
  • Sudocooler
  • A player less skilled than a Sudokcoolie (Jean Smits) Sudocucumber That one may take some time to digest (Jean Smits)
  • SudIQ
  • A puzzle requiring brainpower (Max Beran) 
  • SudHighQ
  • A puzzle requiring high amounts of brainpower (Max Beran) SudLowQ A puzzle requiring low amounts of brainpower (Max Beran) 
  • SuDoughku
  • A bread made whilst thinking about Sudoku (Gaby) Sudokuku A sudokict that's gone over the edge (Mark Hurst) 
  • Sumoku
  • A competitive game where each player uses really large numbers to push the other players' numbers off the grid (Mark Hurst) 
  • Sussudioku
    Phil Collins' ode to the game (Mark Hurst) Sudokats and Sudokitties Affecting a '50s retro style, these players can be found in coffeeshops, identifiable by their sunglasses, black clothes, and really bad poetry (Mark Hurst) Sudough Income derived from a Sudoku-related enterprise (Mark Hurst)
  • Ku
  • Known as ultimate or Zen Sudoku, this puzzle consists of a 9X9 grid, blank except for the number 1 in the center (Mark Hurst)
  • Sukudos
  • Congratulations for a particularly witty Sudoku joke (Mark Hurst) Sosumi and Suyutu Two variants played by lawyers (Mark Hurst)
  • Global Thermonuclear Sudoku
  • A stange game. The only way to win is not to play. (Mark Hurst) Moodoku Created by, and for cows. (Frank Vedel)
  • Zoodoku
  • Where you may find animals playing Moodoku. (Frank Vedel)
  • Sudoka
    Someone who practices the art of solving sudokus. Compare to: judoka i.e. someone who practices the art of judo. (Marco Prins)
  • Voodooku
  • Found in Haiti over 300 years ago, this ancient form of puzzle curse was bestowed upon outsiders who dared desecrate the sacred lands of the Sood-Oh-Koo. (Frank Vedel)

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